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Superu Hub: User Experience (UX) Information Architecture, Web design, Web development (CWSP)

Superu approached us at Samdog with the opportunity to develop a website and database that would contain all social science research undertaken by or on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

The purpose of this website is to increase the visibility and accessibility of government funded research, and provide a cross government view of social science. Ultimately delivering efficiency and promoting collaboration between agencies. Instead of naming the website a database the website became the Research Hub. As the name provides notions that it is a centre of excellence, a central place of activity, and a repository.

This Research Hub has been a huge project for us, undertaking the needs analysis, user experience (UX), information architecture, web design and development. We worked very closely with Superu from the beginning, conducting stakeholder interviews with internal and external groups, to discover the requirements for the website as well as define the UX, website design, requirements and objectives.

The key success of this website is the functionality that allows users to search using different filters, including search by agency, topic or keyword. The Hub encourages agencies to continually upload new social science research as it is published, allowing the site to continue to grow and become an even richer resource as time goes on.

We are really proud with the outcome of The Hub and are looking forward to working with Superu in the future. Having the opportunity to work with them to understand and define the requirements, through to the UX, web design and development, testing and final delivery.

What we did for Superu: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Web Design, Web Development, engaged through the Common Web Services Panel (CWSP) and delivered using Drupal.

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