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Samdog would like to introduce our Common Web Services Panel (CWSP) capabilities.

Samdog is an experienced creative agency, which works across digital channels. We are a team who are dedicated and focused on user goals and balancing these with your objectives.

We use insight, strategy, prototyping, testing, design and development services to deliver outcomes that resonate, are effective and integrated to generate real value. Through the panel we deliver across 5 categories; information architecture, user experience, accessibility, design and development. In other words, all the important bits.

Information Architecture

The team at Samdog is made up of experienced practitioners who have a capability that focuses on service design, information architecture, user experience, usability, content strategy and interaction design.

We always focus on the user, by balancing their needs with those of you and your organisation. We work to develop and test your needs, strategies and requirements, and through this process we establish information architectures that encompass sitemaps, content plans and strategies, responsive frameworks, and wireframes. We then use these to prototype and test our thinking, all the time building the evidence to support this thinking and our recommendations.

User Experience / Usability

Our focus on customer experience and usability means we have extensive experience in user research, insight mining, usability testing, problem solving and solution definition. Through the User Experience phase of our projects we create personas, profiles, user stories, customer journeys, experience maps and content strategies – from which we design user flows, and content models to support the delivering of exceptional user experiences.

We do this by working with you our client, your stakeholders, and customer insights in order to facilitate collaboration, which helps us build evidence and directs our decision making. We then use prototypes to show and test design concepts, interactions and content models.


At Samdog accessibility isn’t just about meeting standards and delivering to guidelines, its about understanding your users and how they will use and engage with the digital presence. For us, understanding and researching this is vital to ensuring we meet our obligations to your customers. Understanding and adhering to standards is essential and is a requirement for all our projects, but understanding user trends, how users engage, where they come from and what their needs are, means accessibility for us goes way beyond just adhering to standards.

Design / Visual Design

As a creative agency, our design team is fundamental to the customer experiences we create, especially when dealing with digital projects. We apply the same user focused approach to all our projects which brings together our understanding of how to bring brands into the digital world. For us design isn’t just about the visual reference, its how we approach the technical build. Our team is incredibly skilled and work closely to ensure that the customer experience is translated right throughout the project.

We have a range of tools that connect and engage clients and users throughout the design process, and this allows us to rapidly prototype and test outcomes. Our experience tells us that by making use of design frameworks and other presentation mechanisms, we can ensure all stakeholders see what value the design will deliver.


At Samdog, websites and digital have always been a core capability, its what we were founded on. This means our digital team is incredibly skilled in delivering projects that range from simple through to large and complex. Regardless of the technology, whether it is Drupal, SilverStripe, Common Web Platform or a nice WordPress site, we always take the approach of examining the problem, understanding the objective and applying an approach that is proven to deliver on the right outcomes.

For over 3 years, we’ve always taken a mobile first approach which means we take the need to deliver mobile responsive sites as a key feature of any digital project. After all this is where users are, and how they are engaging with websites. This is also backed by our focus on usability and accessibility which means taking a mobile first approach is a core requirement for all projects.