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Aviation Security Service: UX Web design & development (CWSP, CWP)

We have been working with Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) to establish a user experience for their website to bring the overall look and feel of it up to date. The web design is driven from a user centric approach of workshopping ideas and concepts.

Samdog through the CWSP and using the common web platform (CWP) to deliver the website. The new website has a simple, easy to use approach and creates a nice balance between being authoritative but friendly, achieved through a user centric design focused on delivering a supportive user experience. AVSEC also needed the website to support multiple mobile and tablet devices as well as desktops. We achieved this by taking a mobile first approach to the UX and overall design. AVSEC is the official provider of aviation security services in New Zealand. Their mission is to improve the safety of aviation by the application of specific security measures.

What we did for AVSEC: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Workshops, Web Design, Web Development, engaged through the Common Web Services Panel and delivered using the CWP.

Aviation Security Service homepage screenshot

Aviation Security Service About Avsec screenshot