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Department of Conservation: User Experience, Web Design and Development (CWSP)

For quite a while now we’ve been working with DOC on helping and supporting their teams to help them with their user experience, web design and development.

This project initially started with a request to help them understand the differences between print and digital design, the brief then evolved to include examining the usability and information architecture, and working through the visual designs for various sections of the website.

It has been a pleasure to work with DOC on this project and help their teams not only come to terms with a transition from print to digital, but also realise the importance of usability as part of their information architecture and the need to be focused on the user. This project has involved Samdog working with the DoC team on the UX, website design and development to deliver a truly compelling website.

We worked extensively with the team to build a user experience (UX) based on agreed personas and user stories. To form a basis for an information architecture that created a website design reflecting the experience of actually visiting a recreation area.

What we did for DoC: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Web Design and Web Development engaged through the Common Web Services Panel and delivered using Drupal.

Department of Conservation homepage screenshot

Department of Conservation Parks and Recreation screenshot

Department of Conservation website on devices