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Law Commission: User Experience (UX), Web Design and Development

The aim of the new Law Commission website was to design and develop a site that is truly accessible and has a clear and intuitive user experience. 

We undertook the full web design and development process, including user and stakeholder workshops to ensure we gained an understanding of what was needed from this site, and for this understanding to be carried right throughout the entire project. By doing this, we were then able to deliver an information architecture, user personas, wireframes and design that really meets the requirements and objectives of the Law Commission and its users.

We took a user centric approach to the build of this site, particularly around the search function, focusing on “findability,” the term we use to define the convergence of usability, accessibility, content, user interaction and user experience. Users are now more easily able to find the information they are looking for, by sorting the results and applying filters.

As with all sites that we design and build, the new Law Commission website is responsive, making it easily accessible across all browsers and devices.

Recently live we are really proud of this site, its user friendly experience and visually engaging interface. 

What we did for the Law Commission: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Web Design and Web Development, User Testing.

Lawcom homepage screenshot

Lawcom project page screenshot