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New Southern Sky: UX, Web Design and Development (CWSP)

After working with New Southern Sky to develop their brand, visual identity and supporting printed materials, we began working on the UX, web design and development of a website.

The website will ensure the information in the National Airspace and Navigation Plan is provided in a clear and simple way and is accessible to all audiences.

Recently live, the website is consistent with all other New Southern Sky material. It features a simple navigation, search functionality, a clear layout of information, and a responsive design, making it accessible from all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

We are really proud to have had the opportunity to work with the New Southern Skies team to help them bring this new initiative to life, through the visual identity and ultimately the web design, which is supported by the print material.

What we did for New Southern Sky: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Web Design, Web Development, engaged through the Common Web Services Panel and delivered using the CWP.

New Southern Sky homepage screenshot

New Southern Sky Plan page screenshot

New Southern Sky Tablet and Mobile devices screenshot